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As a youthful, but highly experienced brand & business development, social media and integrated marketing veteran, I have enjoyed the fortune of having built or helping build some of the world’s most recognizable and successful sports, nutrition, lifestyle, technology and multi-channel, multi-platform media companies.

Building memorable, sustainable, next generation brands and companies from the ground up – creating differentiation that opens new markets or improves existing ones is exhilarating. Now, this doesn’t just mean companies I have founded, invested in or operate as CEO, but companies like yours where you may need some love to get you to the right place – operationally, training, capital, human capital, coaching – or simply master-minding how your aspiring brand is going to be either the first mover or a next real shaker.

Meanwhile, I spend a great deal of time being the Founder, CEO and leader of the ION Network. Television, Mobile Devices and the Internet continue to converge, you know, and we have work to do. Continuous work in progress, when you’re involved in paradigm shifting enablement.

We’re defining 3.0, not 2.0 (a crowded place), and I invite you to join the cast of characters in any way you can.

As for you, what do you have your ion?

Drop me a line – dave(at) Stay in touch. Adios for now.

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