chief executive athlete

dave_behar_red_carpetSo, what exactly is a “Chief Executive Athlete?”

A Chief Executive Athlete is a self-defined role at the intersection of having been – and continuing to be – a successful athlete and translating it successfully as a paradigm shifting, innovative executive – namely Dave, as the Founder and CEO of ION and other ventures.

It’s true, he often leads a quadruple life also as the Chief Executive Musician, Chief Executive Dad and Chief Executive Officer. But this self-created title invigorates him to keep the pulse on and lead what’s up in the world of sports, lifestyle, nutrition, youth and the many forms of next generation media.

If you desire to use or license the name “Chief Executive Athlete”, please ask. Dave’s team protects and pays close attention to the Intellectual Property he creates. Wouldn’t you?

More on this, as the game of life is continuous and there are great stories to share, show and tell.

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