Spamination: $2,800,000.00

OK, so if we add up all the money in Spamination, we can buy a nation… Can you imagine getting all these fraudulent spammers in the same room…Real deal flow! A “Made for Internet” movie. See paragraph 2: Larry is “presently in grip of…”

Dear friend,
It is nice and wonderful to contact you on email today. This is Mr. Larry Kofi Koranteng, I am currently working with One of the Rural Banks in Ghana as a regional branch manager. And I want to trust you with (US $2.8 million) available for investment benefit between you and I.

As a matter of fact, I am presently in grip of fund “Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars” readily available for you and I, and I am see king for your cooperation to transfer this money to your place. I discovered this fund as part of unclaimed deposited funds here in my bank branch since 2002 which was deposited by a dead customer of our bank since 5 years ago, who deals on Gold and Precious stones here in Ghana before his death.
And I couldn’t find any of his relative information nor contact, and no body know about this fund.

Immediately I realized this fund (US$2.8m) I placed it on Sundry Escrow Account here in our bank without any beneficiary information and no body know about this money.
Now I chose to work with you as a foreigner to transfer this money to your bank account in your country, since the code of conduct of our bank forbids me to operate a foreign account because of my position as a bank manager. I want this money to be transferred to your bank account in your country or any country of your choice under your control.

Sincerely, I am ready to give you 40% of the US$2.8m while 60% will be for me, as soon as this fund is transferred into your bank account in your country.

This is bank to bank transfer, therefore, I assure you there is no problem in this transaction.

Please urgently call me on telephone +233-246 902 xxx for more details.

Best regards,

Larry K. Koranteng

The Papadakis Promenade

Yes, our stadium by the sea…John Papadakis is the inspiration and behind the activation of the original, visionary team in launching what is now the LA Waterfront development project…

Those in the know in San Pedro and throughout the region should take a moment to thank John Papadakis for his amazing, relentless vision of a Grand Promenade from Bridge to Breakwater and what it is meant to bring…Grab some dolmathes and a fine Greek meal while you’re at it.

Better yet – join John and his wife who are hosting a Cruise Vacation in the Greek Isles in 2008. Consider taking the time and opportunity to plug into their energy and passion on the unique journey.

Back Insane Pedro, let’s not forget the LA Waterfront is owned by us, the people of our Great State of California who deserve recreational access to the waterline of the “Mouth of the Western World.” Let’s see some real SupPort in 2008…Oompah…

We Went Wii Oui

OK, Santa delivered the Wii, and will admit that it’s addictive, but not a replacement for getting out there playing. The next best thing is having the real size and weight bats, clubs, etc., and a way to not get injured – for those used to playing the sports offered on Wii Sports. A good evening activity to replace traditional TV…

Don’t forget to put Grandma on the roster and throw her a fastball down the middle…