Experience, mental and physical stamina and track record are often needed to drive a business and idea successfully forward.


For those living or visiting Southern California, Dave enjoys personal dialog by walking, running, riding, skateboarding, paddling out or playing VB with friends, CEOs or otherwise aspiring entrepreneurs – one on one – in helping to tackle business / brand issues, solve personal challenges, initiate business development, capital, and develop physically and mentally invigorating plans in order to build their company or brands in multiple ways, exit or conduct a turnaround – quickly and efficiently.


Why walk, run, ride, surf, skate or play volleyball? It’s a great way to get to know you and gauge what kind of physical and mental shape you are in, to get where you and/or your company want to go. Not that you and  Dave won’t end the session with a healthy breakfast, lunch or libation

Sure, a relaxing round of 9 or 18 is cool, but golf requires a different focus of its own – and we like to keep Dave’s ion the ball…


Join Dave for smaller gatherings or “Behar Sessions”, as an alternative to the larger, publicized appearances. Drop us a line below to stay updated, as these are typically publicized privately.


If the “black book” needs to come out, ioncubation or some other form of assistance by one of Dave’s companies, then we discuss it – particularly if there is synergy.


Generally, if you’re just interested in plugging into pre-existing goods, services, angel funds or proposing a relationship of some sort, well, then go to that specific channel or website, or simply contact Dave or one of his collaboration associates. Either way, he’d love to hear from you.

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